Monica Morgan Website Designs

A little about my designs for the web.


Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, your website will look and function beautifully on all of them.


When creating a custom website we focus on gorgeous layouts with plenty of breathing room, add stunning graphics made with custom color palettes, and top it off with excellent typography.


Many of my clients are delighted when I set up a “JoinMe” link because they can see me work real time and be on the phone with me at the same time.  

Silk Impressions LV
Delia Lara
The Fawn Residence
The Davis Recovery House
Nevada Self-Insurers Association
Silver State CPA Alliance
All Purpose Security LLC
Elegant Catering Vegas
Prestige Insurance Services
Harp Entertainment
Package Plus Printing
Nevada Disability Prevention Coalition

All websites start with a base price of 1,999.00.

How I Work:

I build all of my websites on the WordPress platform using a premium theme called Divi with a combination of premium (paid) and free plug-ins.  Plug-ins are like apps on a phone and allow for extra functionality of a website.  All of my sites are responsive, (they respond to any device and look good no matter what is used to view/use the site).  I have 3 stages in my workflow and I also require that all clients host their websites with me.

First, I start by designing a mock up of the layout, look and color palette in Photoshop based on your answers to a small questionnaire.  Once approved, I move on to stage two, the actual building of the website.  This is done in a staging area so you can see my progress as it is being built.  When that has the final approval, I move on to stage three, where I move the staging site to a secured hosting server, triple check all links, graphics, load time, etc. and launch the site live.


Maintenance plans:

I have done away with a monthly fee for this and simply charge by the hour when needed, or requested.  I am continuously monitoring all of my client’s sites, and if I see that work needs to be done, I send an email explaining the proposed work with an estimate of how long I believe it will take to do.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO services are not included in the base price.

If you would like to add basic SEO the fee is base on how many pages you have me create and includes that website pages are correctly tagged with proper keywords, meta descriptions, and other important elements.  If you want to include an SEO strategy let me know.


I can complete most sites within 4 weeks, one week for each stage, and one week for a cushion.  This is dependent completely on the needed files, copy, graphics, and access to your registrar and PayPal accounts.  Crazy as it sounds, I have had more that a few websites sit for more than 6 months because the client will not get back to me in a timely manner.

Monthly Fees 19.00 per month

Once your site is launched, I require all of my customers to subscribe to my monthly fee which includes:

Premium Hosting
Use of ALL my premium plugins and themes
SSL Certificate

I ask all of my clients to host their websites with me for many reasons, the most important one being security.  I use a secure server with daily backups and top of the line support.  This guarantees that your site is constantly monitored for any downtime, hacking, or other issues. 

Also included in this price is the use all of the premium plugins and themes that I have purchased, saving hundreds of dollars every year.

SSL certificates usually cost 50.00 per year and up.  

Optional Additions

Floating Social Media Icons

This adds a set of social media icons with links that allow users to post about you on their social media pages!  A great way of getting, even more, followers.


Revolution Slider

With enticing visual effects, the Revolution Slider adds amazing beauty to any site and has limitless possibilities.

Child Theme

Having a child theme protects your site from crashing or becoming unsightly when updates are made to the parent theme, yet still allows the updates to be implemented.

Subscription Pop Up

A handy little pop-up that encourages people to subscribe to his customer base.


Matching Print Materials

For a complete professional look, a logo, letterhead, business cards and more are easily created.

Facebook Fix

When someone shares your site on Facebook, an appropriately sized image will appear.  (Without the fix it’s usually blank or not corresponding.)

Safe File Upload

An upload form for clients to safely upload their images for printing services.

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