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In January of 2018, I started a new blog.  I’ll be bringing some useful information about print and web design, marketing, and I’ll be featuring some of the success stories of my clients.  Please subscribe!

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Self Publishing

I have now published 3 books and am on the edge of finishing another one.  I write this post not to talk about my books, but rather the skill required to assemble the pages and present it to a publisher. Two of the books I have published are Adult Coloring...

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The Pieces of the Website Puzzle

Domain – The name of the website that people type into a browser to visit it. For example, my domain is monicamorgandesigns.com. Registrar – The company used to register your domain name. Some examples include GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Hosting – Certain computers,...

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What is a CTA?

Call to Action (CTA) – Specific text, image, banner or button that uses persuasive, action-oriented words that urges a visitor on a website to act. CTAs are designed to move a visitor from one page to the next and persuade them to take an expected,...

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What is the ALT attribute?

ALT attribute – Used to specify the alternate text that is displayed inside the image placeholder while the page is loading. ALT text plays a role in optimizing a website for SEO, ADA compliance and overall web accessibility. With the ALT attribute You can tell if an...

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What does 301 & 404 mean?

Welcome to "Did You Know" A little section of my blog for those looking to improve their knowledge of websites. 301 redirect – A permanent redirect from one URL to another, usually from an old website to a new website. 301 redirects are also used to...

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What happened to the Purple Fox?

My beloved Purple Fox is being retired in 2018. In case you don't know, Purple Fox Designs was the business name shared between my mother and me when we opened shop in January of 2016.  My mother and I are doing fine, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I...

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